Happy 2013 !


Dear softball friends,

it’s been a while since I last updated CoachlillyBlog. As usual life keeps us very busy and the last months of 2012 were again full of things to do and nice plans to fulfil.

It will be the first year of the BULLS in Softball Division II ( A2 ). We know it is not going to be easy but we are surely going to battle for every game and have a lot of fun together.

It will also be a year of expansion for our club: together with the ladies’ team we will have two ( maybe three ? ) girls’ teams ( U13 , U16 and possibly U21 ), one team of MINIS ( 5 – 9 yr old ) and one team of U13 boys. Our school promotion program goes on, involving primary and elementary schools in our town and the surrounding area.

Another year of international softball is ahead, again with cooperations around Europe and Little League E.M.E.A. finals.

Most of all I wish us all friends in softball lots of energy, enthusiasm, hope and faith : this is what will keep us going and give every single day sense and meaning.

Happy 2013 !