Merry Christmas from the Bulls !


Dear friends,
the Christmas Season has inevitably come this year too and we are all ready to celebrate and hope for a better year to come.

The 2014 season was a real bless for the Bulls, reaching the playoffs of their league for the first time in their history and coming really close to winning the championship and stepping up to the first Italian division.

Our young team still needs time to develop and get stronger so this year we will try to reach he target of the playoffs again and do better!

To all my friends in softball all over the world I want to send you my BEST WISHES and a strong HUG !

Lots of love


1 thought on “Merry Christmas from the Bulls !

  1. Thanks for the update. I hope it’s been a very joyful CHRISTmas season for you and Ricky. Bobby Simpson

    Bobby Simpson Philippians 4:13 Sent from my iPhone 229-392-4048


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