Big League Softball World Series 2015


Here is the Lombardia Big League Softball Team which participated in the World Series 2015 in Roxana, Delaware last week.

Once more, it was a great experience, not only as regards softball but first of all considering the good atmosphere and the spirit which permeated these 10 days on and off the field.


All games were tough for us but together we learnt how to cope with difficulties and downs on and off the field. The girls sticked together and showed their value in the end by winning the last game. But battling was of course the highest performance, especially when things got rough…


Nine players of the BULLS club team  had the opportunity to live this experience which they will hopefully take with them onto our fields in the next competitions and games.     We need to work harder and get better but we will try to draw inspiration from this very particular week.


We also had the great honour to be awarded the Little League Sportsmanship Award as a team. The girls really deserved it and showed the best softball spirit all week long, making friends and spreading out happiness and joy.

My special thanks to all the girls, the coaches on my staff, Dante and Tomas, and all the parents and friends who supported us during these weeks.

It was a great team adventure!

p.s. more photos and updates on the official website of the Big League Softball World Series  ( ) and on our facebook page